As experienced teachers, language learners and teacher trainers, we know what it takes for a lesson to be effective.

Here's what goes into our secret sauce:

  • An easy-to-follow curriculum, for every level of learner.
  • 60-minute lessons designed for the online classroom that can be adapted to fit the pace of your learners.
  • Sequential lessons that build on each other to provide your learners with a clear pathway.
  • A professional focus for the modern workplace. We use real-life contexts and integrated audio to provide an authentic experience for your learners.
  • Engaging, interactive content designed to get learners speaking from Day 1.
  • Seamlessly-integrated grammar practice in every lesson. Your learners will improve their grammar skills without feeling you're a drill sergeant.

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Naturally, we love everything we do at The TEFL Lab. But don’t just take our word for it…
“As a teacher, I feel really confident in presenting this material, as well as it being a real time-saver.”

Guillaume Doerig

- Freelance English Teacher,
“My student finally feels like she is making progress and understanding the sentence structure. Using these lessons has been a joy for the students and for me. Thank you so much!”

Lilly Hedges

- Business English Teacher,

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