Our Values

At The TEFL Lab we want every lesson you teach to be your best. While most teachers share our vision, not every lesson hits the mark. Knowing what to teach, how to teach it, and where to find the right materials takes time and experience. Our toolkit will provide you with the skills, confidence and content you need to be successful in the online classroom. It’s our job to obsess about every detail of every lesson (and believe us, we do!) so that you can focus on your learners.

Our Team

Meet the brains (and heart) behind The TEFL Lab and our beautiful content.

Rachel Laycook-Co-Founder & Resource Development Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the classroom, Rachel’s work as an EFL teacher and learner experience manager combine with her background in education and linguistics research to form an essential part of The TEFL Lab’s mission: to support and improve the quality of EFL instruction around the world.  As a bilingual adult learner and teacher of adults, she understands the unique challenges and opportunities to be addressed through content and instruction in the EFL classroom.

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Jacqueline Sedore-Co-Founder & Teacher Development Manager

As a former TEFL certification instructor and academic coordinator, Jacqueline’s experience in teacher training and EFL teaching is a key piece of the work The TEFL Lab is doing to empower teachers in the EFL classroom and beyond. Having lived in Spanish-speaking Chile, Jacqueline not only worked as an EFL teacher and mentor, but became a second language student herself and she applies this knowledge and experience to the lessons and training programs we design and provide for teachers around the world.

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