Teacher Skills to Implement During Speaking Activities

There’s a common misconception that teaching conversation classes or conducting speaking activities with intermediate to advanced level learners requires less effort than teaching, say, grammar to a beginner student. While we’d agree that working with a student who has a strong foundation of English can feel a bit more comfortable, conducting speaking activities with them […]

Customizing Learning without Building Custom Content

Adult learners often have very specific ideas about how they’ll use English as their foreign language and why they need it. That, in turn, leads to sometimes specific requests. Sometimes they’re REALLY specific– intellectual property legal terms? Salmon farming vocabulary? Digital marketing terminology? Other times, they might have less of a specific topic they want […]

Online Group Class Dynamics

A lot can happen in a group class, and they can be a lot to manage at times– even if you’re teaching adults. While the rich interactions, questions, insights, and challenges that arise in group classes can be amazing, they still require some management strategies here and there. Let’s look at some different ways you […]

The TEFL Lab’s B1 Curriculum Structure

If you’re anything like us, you’re hyped to hear that the B1 curriculum is ready to go straight into the classroom with you (right after you’ve checked the teacher notes, of course)! But if you’ve already taught with our A1 and A2 level materials, you’ll notice some differences in the B1 content. Here’s the rundown: […]

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