6 Quality Conversation Starters to Ask at the Beginning of Your Lesson

How was your weekend? Ah, that old tried and true question you ask at the beginning of class. It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon, if you’re meeting with your student for the first time since the weekend, it’s a natural question to ask. But week after week of the same intro […]

The TEFL Lab’s Guide to Teaching with Authentic Materials

If you’ve been in the classroom for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard from other teachers, your own teacher training, or other places that authentic material is a must for English language classes. But what actually counts as authentic material, and how can you use it effectively in the classroom? We’ve got you covered […]

Teaching Relevant Vocabulary

When you’re preparing to teach a new student, it’s important to consider the learner’s intended use of the language. If a learner is studying a foreign language for fun or travel, they’ll likely be looking for vocabulary within the context of meeting new people, entertainment, locations and establishments, directions, food, etc. If, however, they are […]

9 Things Adult EFL Learners Want from Their Classes

Whether you’re teaching adult learners as your first assignment or are transitioning from teaching kids, we’ve rounded up 9 important things that adult learners want in the language classroom.  Check out the list below to get a better idea of how to meet the needs and expectations of adult EFL learners! 1) They want to […]

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