Encouraging Learners to Use English Outside the Classroom

Most adults have a limited amount of time they can dedicate to studying English in a given week, and many of them take that time and try their best to spend it in synchronous classes with a teacher who can guide and correct them as needed. Once they’re out of class, however, life takes back […]

Tips to Feel Prepared for a Grammar Lesson

English grammar is quite a beast and knowing all the ins and outs of every grammar point is not something that is expected of you as an EFL teacher. However, it’s important to come to class prepared so that you can clearly express to your learners how the lesson’s target language works and how to […]

Choosing the Right Teaching Certificate to Start Your English Teaching Career

If you’ve decided to pursue EFL teaching but are unsure where to start when it comes to obtaining a teaching certificate, let us guide you with some tips we feel are missing in the sea of TEFL certificate advice out there. The thing we tell everyone entering this field: It’s important to first start thinking […]

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