Introducing: The TEFL Lab’s Glossary of Common Acronyms

Whether you’re brand new to the EFL career path or have been around for a while, there’s no denying the confusion that exists around the countless acronyms that plaster the lesson plans, job postings, certification courses, staff meetings, and social media posts that we encounter every day. Why do I need to learn what all […]

Strategies to Boost STT in Low-Level Learners

Teaching low-level English learners is a challenge that some teachers shy away from, while others dive right in.  The truth is that, while it can be intimidating to teach a new beginner (especially if you don’t speak their L1), it doesn’t have to be scary or frustrating! Many seasoned teachers will tell you that, after […]

Introducing: The TEFL Lab’s Learner Needs Analysis

Most learners today have specific needs and, regardless of their level, want to feel that those needs are addressed in their English courses. That can sound daunting to a new EFL teacher, but have no fear! You can do quite a bit of customization for a learners needs even while working with our set curriculum. […]

Introducing: The TEFL Lab’s Level Assessment Tool

Part of having a great first class with a student is knowing where to start. Being able to teach students effectively and build rapport along the way lies in your ability to quickly discover what they already know and what they need to learn through your facilitation. When working with a school or institute, it’s […]

Three Low-Prep Warm-Up Strategies

Warming up at the beginning of an English class is an essential step, but have you ever stopped and thought about all the things it really does? The humble warm-up at the start of a class does so many things! It helps your learners transition into class mode (or English-speaking mode) from whatever task they […]

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