A New Year of Teaching

As many of us have learned from previous years, New Year’s resolutions tend to fall flat if there isn’t a firm plan in place to support them. No matter how motivated you may be on January 1st to achieve all of your 2022 goals, things may seem quite different by the end of the month. […]

How to Break Out of a Teaching Rut

It’s no secret that teaching can be an incredibly fulfilling job, but creating a positive learning environment and delivering stellar lessons day after day requires a high level of effort, commitment, and heart. All of that hard work can wear us down and take a toll, so if you’re feeling worn out and lacking inspiration […]

Introducing: The TEFL Lab’s Course Checkpoint Tool

Whether your course feels like a quick sprint or a year-long marathon, it’s important to check in with your learners every so often to see what their perception is of the course so far and if there are any new needs or interests that have arisen in their English learning journey. Sometimes it may feel […]

6 Tips for Teaching Small Groups Online

The world of TEFL is full of a huge combination of classroom configurations.  Teachers go to social media groups and online forums all the time to seek advice, but the truth is that every teacher has a unique experience!  Someone who only teaches 1-on-1 classes with children will have a fairly different experience in the […]

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