Types of error correction and tips for getting it right

We all make mistakes sometimes, especially when we’re learning new things. And for some reason, a lot of us have developed this idea that making mistakes is embarrassing, uncomfortable, and just plain bad. If you’ve ever received quality feedback or guidance on how to improve something, you know just how helpful error correction can be […]

Formative Assessment in the EFL Classroom

Let me tell you about a time I understood absolutely nothing. It was in my very first statistics class. I was nervous but excited to go in and take diligent notes. I went in and found a great seat, got my notebook out, and was ready to go when our professor walked in, briefly introduced […]

How to gain teaching experience as a newly certified EFL teacher

Are you a newly certified EFL teacher ready to transform TEFL theory into practice? If so, congrats and welcome to the growing global workforce of EFL/ESL teachers! Now that you’re here, you might be ready for a teaching job, but maybe you’d like to wear your new EFL teacher title a little more modestly and […]

Where do pronunciation problems come from?

Where do accents come from in a learner’s second language (L2)?  Research shows that the accent someone uses in their L2 is related to their L1.  Based on a learner’s L1, the challenges they face regarding pronunciation may vary.  Teaching pronunciation and addressing the obstacles different student populations face is a challenge that, unfortunately, many […]

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