6 reasons for EFL teachers to learn a second language

You might have heard that it’s not necessary to speak your students’ L1 to be able to teach them, and while that’s certainly true, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn ANY language! Check out these 6 reasons you might want to learn another language as a teacher. 1. It’s going to give you a whole […]

Self Reflection: The Path to Improvement

We put so much time and effort into preparing for our lessons but we can sometimes forget about an equally important part of teaching – reflection. But what is it? Self-reflection is the process of evaluating a lesson you just taught. When you practice self-reflection after a lesson, you think about everything that went into […]

17 Easy Ways to Extend Lesson Activities On the Spot

Part of being an effective teacher is being able to make a decision on the spot to extend an activity or increase the difficulty right then and there. Fortunately, this is a skill that you can hone with a little practice and the tips we’ve put together for you on this list. If you’ve just […]

Transitioning from Teaching Children to Teaching Adults

If you’ve gotten your start in the world of EFL for kids, pat yourself on the back. Teaching children is equal parts challenging and rewarding, and by now you’ve likely found several tips and tricks that you keep up your sleeve when planning lessons and teaching. But if you’ve been thinking about transitioning to teach […]

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